This is what i think about palpitating under 2 am peace and steady cement: Between the newspaper office and home by a ceremonial mountain is a place called summer; our skin liquifies every time we trespass in floral ties and birth certificates umbrella-blessed against harsh winds or sunshine. we have a way of protecting ourselves, […]

Spring Views–a translation

I translated one of my favorite Chinese poems–Chun Jing (Spring Views) by Su Shi. Here’s the original poem:   花褪残红青杏小。燕子飞时,绿水人家绕。枝上柳绵吹又少,天涯何处无芳草 墙里秋千墙外道。墙外行人,墙里佳人笑。笑渐不闻声渐悄,多情却被无情恼。 Blooms fade as apricots sprout. Swallows spread wings, green waters entwine village houses. Catkins of willows taken by wind, to the end of the earth divine grasses abound. Mirth within walls heard by those […]